Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Visiting My Display Case

I stopped into Corniche today and was introduced to artist Robert Saunders. Mary had a book of art that included a portrait of Robert. He explained that while he lived in Washington, D.C. he posed for portraits. What a coincidence! We talked about what part of the city we lived in. Mary asked me if I missed D.C. I don't really. I miss people. But D.C. is still there and I can visit whenever I want.

So while at Corniche I took the opportunity to visit the antique display case that I put a deposit on. It is gorgeous. Mary finds wonderful things and she will try to find just what you are looking for which is an amazing service she provides. I have already started to think of unusual things that might be useful as display cases...but for now the 9ft long antique display case will do.


  1. Just found your blog, Clare, and it's great!

    Love the Monkitree logo. Love Saunders. Love Corniche. Got a beautiful piano bench there about a year ago now. I love that too.

    Now I'm going to go love a glass of wine. Keep blogging! I'll be reading!

  2. Clare and Nick Babies, we love you too! Can't wait for Monkitree. Good luck til then. ~ Mary