Friday, June 25, 2010

One of my favorite things about working with art and artists is helping these objects find good homes. Does that sounds corny? It probably does. I can't help it. I love when I can connect the right object with the right person...whether it is a painting, a bowl or a piece of jewelry. Take the mustache ring, for example. I knew when I saw it that I had to get Jessica in here to see it. Sure enough one went home with her... only after she said to me, "I put mustaches out there to the universe and now they come to me." Of course mustaches aren't every ones design element of choice. You may even be thinking that surely Jessica is the only one who will buy a mustache ring but in fact, I just got a message on Facebook today from my sister saying she has a friend who jokes about getting a mustache tattooed on her finger so she can hold her finger up and make believe she has a mustache. This may be the perfect gift for her friend!

I particularly enjoy the moment the decision is made. For some the decision is quick for others it takes time and is quite deliberate. But when the decision is made there is always a smile...and sometimes an big exhale because they no longer have to worry about the piece they love going to someone else's home. I just spoke with someone yesterday who can't wait for Michael's show to close so she can take her pieces home and find just the right spot for them. They will have a good home.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Did I Say Failures?

I did say I would on occasion talk about failures. Now I don't think this actually qualifies as a failure...more of a disappointment. I had been here last year for the Greater Gardiner River Festival and it had been a cloudy day with some rain. So when the weather forecast called for sun on Saturday I thought we would have tons of people passing through our doors. I pressed Peter into action in the morning making signs to announce our Trunk Show with JudyB Designs. I got to the florist and purchased some balloons to hang with the sign and attach to our doors. The craft tents and food vendors were in place. Music began at the park across the street. Judy arrived and we set up her tables with jewelry. Then I put on some of Judy's jewelry and we went looking for the people. Where was everybody? Sure there were some people wandering around but not the numbers there were last year. Apparently there can be too much sun. By Washington, DC standards it was a pleasant June day- 87 degrees and humid. Well in Maine that is just plain oppressive. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say they were on the water boating or swimming.

It was nice talking with all the people who did wander in to Monkitree. We were able to explain what we are doing and tell them about the upcoming shows. It was also a great opportunity to spend time with Judy. I was able to pick out more of her jewelry for the shop. And it was incredibly sweet of her to thank me for the opportunity even though it was a less than stellar day.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Greater Gardiner River Festival

Saturday, June 16th will be a busy day in Gardiner, Maine. There are events all day long and into the night- pancake breakfasts, yard sales, a craft fair, talent show and fireworks. Monkitree will host our first Trunk Show- Jeweler Judy Babin from JudyB Designs will be joining us from 2-4pm with as much jewelry as her little hands can make between now and Saturday. I am tempted by many of her pieces myself and can't wait to see what she brings along.

The day is certainly an opportunity to introduce Monkitree to many who have not yet walked through our doors. I hope they will venture in and discover our fine art, pottery, jewelry, textiles, cards and more. Of course, it being a Gardiner Festival, I would expect that many of the Edwin Arlington Robinson posters will find a home.
Hope to see you all on Saturday!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Busy Planning

It has been a while since I have written. I have been busy getting the next few shows scheduled out and artists lined up. I am very excited about it. I was telling an artist who stopped in yesterday about my plans and she said, "You sound like you are having fun." And boy am I! I have three photographers lined up for a Holga/Diana camera images show (still need to come up with a clever name for that one). Kevin Brusie from Portland, Maine, Carol Dronsfield from NY,NY, and Dave Engledow from Washington, DC will all be exhibiting their photography here beginning July 23rd. Next up TREES! It is only fitting with a name like Monkitree that we do a tree themed show. In October while the tree paintings, drawings and photography are still hanging I am planning a woodturning show to take place during American Craft Week. I have had a great conversation with Andy Hoyt the current President of the Maine Woodturners Association and I'm confident that will come together nicely. Next up- I need to start planning a local artist show for November/December and an emerging artist show for January and February. There is so much to do but I must say I am truly enjoying myself!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

what's next?

One thing that excites me about a gallery is the constant change. I am sitting here enjoying Michael Sprouse's beautiful work and planning the next show. While Michael's is a solo show the next will feature three photographers all using Holga or Diana cameras. These cameras are known for their unusual light leaks, vignetting, and distortions. Photographers have been drawn to what are ultimately "toy cameras" because one never knows exactly what will be captured. Like a potter pulling a raku vase from the flame, the photographers can appreciate the surprise that current technology has all but eliminated.

And as I plan the new show I am already beginning to think about which of Michael's pieces I am going to miss when they are no longer here. Right now I can think of four of them including the one right across from my desk (the one that is pictured). It is called Principle Front and I get lost in it. I suppose instead of missing what isn't yet gone I can look forward to what will be hanging before me in a couple of months.