Friday, October 22, 2010

Too Early For Christmas

I have spent most of my adult life involved in retail. I am quite used to beginning to work on the Holiday Season in August but I was still surprised to receive the boxed Christmas cards today. Of course I ordered them and therefore should have expected them. It was still a bit of a shocker. A friend told me today there is a radio station in Indiana already doing 24 hour Christmas music. Christmas music before Halloween is just wrong.

Receiving those cards reminds me of all that needs to be done over the next few weeks to be prepared for the customers I expect (hope) will come. I have ordered bags and boxes and yes I was getting away with not having any boxes up to this has only been 6 months. Still working on adding more merchandise. I'm sure I will get it all together and have a fabulous back to work!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Weekend Away

Tomorrow morning we are leaving town to go to my 25th high school reunion in Rumson, NJ. I have little reason to get back to my hometown. No one in my immediate family lives there but I am excited to get back and see friends I rarely see. I am imagining I will have many people asking me what I have been up. So I have been reflecting on the past 6 months to a year quite a bit. Monkitree has now been open for six months...which is a bit hard to believe. It seems like yesterday. Am I where I want to be after six Am I where I expected to be after six months...yes.

Starting a business is a process and we are building as we go. Right now I am in the midst of selecting works for a "Local Artist Show" to open November 19th. It is amazing to me the amount of talent here in Maine. I am excited to offer people the opportunity to show their work and grateful that the artists want to show in my gallery. This show is a unique opportunity for me to meet the many talented artists living nearby and for me to share their work during the busy Holiday Season.

I have no doubt people will be asking about my life this weekend. Am I rich? No. Am I successful? I'm still working on it. Am I happy? Absolutely. Peter and I made a great decision taking this journey together.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy American Craft Week!

I am sitting here in Monkitree surrounded by beautiful art, turned wood and assorted craft. Most of it made right here in Maine by what seems to be an endless supply of talented artists and craftspeople. Please remember to support your local artist, craftspeople and you local retailers and galleries this coming holiday season. Keep your money in your community, your state and your country. We have talented people here making gorgeous things.

Today I am pretty excited about Gardiner, Maine. It is a rainy day and hardly anyone is coming through the doors but I am still thrilled by Swine and Stein this past weekend. Many people came through the doors that hadn't yet been in and plenty of people returned to visit and make purchases. I had women trying on jewelry and pointing out to their husbands all the things they would be happy to receive as gifts. I had one young woman who currently lives in Portland but grew up here tell me that she was happy that something like Monkitree could exist in Gardiner. Peter tells me he took pictures of the gallery full of people. I must say it felt good to have a full space.

There were a couple of inquiries about buildings available for sale downtown and it is sounding like there just may be some new businesses coming to downtown Gardiner. It makes me happy when people see the potential and want to be a part of making the downtown a vibrant and active downtown.