Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Figures and Faces

Well July is here. And it will be busy! Saturday we leap into the car with Bo in Virginia and drive to Newark Airport. There we will pick up Marley and Levi (Peter's kids). Not sure how we will be fitting all of us in the Element but we will suffer through it. We will stop in Boston for the night then make our way to Gardiner. There I will be preparing for the next opening- Figures and Faces by Carol Wiley and HanJi Chang. I'm excited about this show because of the interaction between the artists in the month up to the show. I can't wait to see what has come of their collaboration. One thing is for sure- it will be bright and colorful. In my last post I used and image from Carol that was still a work in progress so you will have to come to the show to see how that piece evolved!

The opening on July 15th is going to be great fun for many reasons. There will be 3D glasses, food and beverages and good friends. Oh and it is the day after my birthday so join us while I will be continuing my celebration.