Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh boy...

I wish I could say Spring is in the air but sadly there is a Winter Storm Advisory in effect through Friday and we may see another 6-12 inches. That said, there is the optimism that comes with Spring wafting about. I am preparing for our next Opening Reception for a show entitled "Gold, God, Guns and Girls" by Kenny Cole. I enjoy Kenny's use of words and his challenging subject matter. Kenny captures how we are bombarded by information constantly, yet still struggle to find truth in the words. Or as Kenny puts it,
"Sometimes it seems as though, in this age of instant information, the more information that we have at our fingertips, the less we actually know and that the further we advance as a species the more we become steeped in myth."

When I was first introduced to Kenny's work I fell in love with a series he calls "Prison Papers". On found prison forms, Kenny drew weaponry from the worlds arsenal. I was amazed, given the subject matter, I could find humor in his work. With "Gold, God, Guns and Girls," he again takes on serious subjects and makes us consider the power of words. He leaves it up to the viewer to "navigate this body of work to find their place between truth, fiction and the collective unconscious."

I look forward to introducing his work to everyone this Spring.