Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Weekend Away

Tomorrow morning we are leaving town to go to my 25th high school reunion in Rumson, NJ. I have little reason to get back to my hometown. No one in my immediate family lives there but I am excited to get back and see friends I rarely see. I am imagining I will have many people asking me what I have been up. So I have been reflecting on the past 6 months to a year quite a bit. Monkitree has now been open for six months...which is a bit hard to believe. It seems like yesterday. Am I where I want to be after six Am I where I expected to be after six months...yes.

Starting a business is a process and we are building as we go. Right now I am in the midst of selecting works for a "Local Artist Show" to open November 19th. It is amazing to me the amount of talent here in Maine. I am excited to offer people the opportunity to show their work and grateful that the artists want to show in my gallery. This show is a unique opportunity for me to meet the many talented artists living nearby and for me to share their work during the busy Holiday Season.

I have no doubt people will be asking about my life this weekend. Am I rich? No. Am I successful? I'm still working on it. Am I happy? Absolutely. Peter and I made a great decision taking this journey together.

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