Friday, October 22, 2010

Too Early For Christmas

I have spent most of my adult life involved in retail. I am quite used to beginning to work on the Holiday Season in August but I was still surprised to receive the boxed Christmas cards today. Of course I ordered them and therefore should have expected them. It was still a bit of a shocker. A friend told me today there is a radio station in Indiana already doing 24 hour Christmas music. Christmas music before Halloween is just wrong.

Receiving those cards reminds me of all that needs to be done over the next few weeks to be prepared for the customers I expect (hope) will come. I have ordered bags and boxes and yes I was getting away with not having any boxes up to this has only been 6 months. Still working on adding more merchandise. I'm sure I will get it all together and have a fabulous back to work!


  1. I'll be playing music from that movie on the 29th! :-D

    The store looks great. Hope you're having an awesome weekend!


  2. ...and music from Bow Wow Wow? Gardiner has everything! Thanks Nick! I can't wait for Halloween. We'll see who recognizes me :)