Thursday, November 4, 2010

Never Fails

I almost always have my boxer, Bo, in the store with me. He is a well behaved dog, especially for a 2 1/2 year old. But some days he demands attention by "talking" to me. This can be quite annoying when I'm trying to get some work done...or have a customer I am talking to. If no one is in the store when he is in a mood, I will take him for a little stroll outside. I try to keep an eye on my door so I can see if anyone walks in while we are outside. Sometimes I miss seeing someone walk in the door and for some reason it is usually Mary Kay Spencer, a potter whose work I carry. This happened just yesterday. I don't know why this seems to always happen with Mary Kay. Yesterday I walked in one direction and even peeked in the window walking past in the other direction in case I had missed someone walking in. I didn't see anyone in there so I stopped and talked to a neighbor on the street. I was standing in front of the building when she walked out the door. Sorry Mary Kay. And if anyone walks in to an empty store just know I have likely run Bo outside for a minute and will be right back!

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