Monday, June 21, 2010

Did I Say Failures?

I did say I would on occasion talk about failures. Now I don't think this actually qualifies as a failure...more of a disappointment. I had been here last year for the Greater Gardiner River Festival and it had been a cloudy day with some rain. So when the weather forecast called for sun on Saturday I thought we would have tons of people passing through our doors. I pressed Peter into action in the morning making signs to announce our Trunk Show with JudyB Designs. I got to the florist and purchased some balloons to hang with the sign and attach to our doors. The craft tents and food vendors were in place. Music began at the park across the street. Judy arrived and we set up her tables with jewelry. Then I put on some of Judy's jewelry and we went looking for the people. Where was everybody? Sure there were some people wandering around but not the numbers there were last year. Apparently there can be too much sun. By Washington, DC standards it was a pleasant June day- 87 degrees and humid. Well in Maine that is just plain oppressive. If I had to venture a guess, I'd say they were on the water boating or swimming.

It was nice talking with all the people who did wander in to Monkitree. We were able to explain what we are doing and tell them about the upcoming shows. It was also a great opportunity to spend time with Judy. I was able to pick out more of her jewelry for the shop. And it was incredibly sweet of her to thank me for the opportunity even though it was a less than stellar day.

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  1. Hits and misses seem to be the nature of the creative business. Hopefully next time will hit a groove. :)