Tuesday, June 1, 2010

what's next?

One thing that excites me about a gallery is the constant change. I am sitting here enjoying Michael Sprouse's beautiful work and planning the next show. While Michael's is a solo show the next will feature three photographers all using Holga or Diana cameras. These cameras are known for their unusual light leaks, vignetting, and distortions. Photographers have been drawn to what are ultimately "toy cameras" because one never knows exactly what will be captured. Like a potter pulling a raku vase from the flame, the photographers can appreciate the surprise that current technology has all but eliminated.

And as I plan the new show I am already beginning to think about which of Michael's pieces I am going to miss when they are no longer here. Right now I can think of four of them including the one right across from my desk (the one that is pictured). It is called Principle Front and I get lost in it. I suppose instead of missing what isn't yet gone I can look forward to what will be hanging before me in a couple of months.

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