Thursday, March 18, 2010

Inside Out and Backwards

I have been so focused on the space that I haven't put much time into what will actually be in my gallery once it opens. I have put much thought into it but thinking doesn't result in objects in my space. I was encouraged yesterday when I went to a meeting for the Gardiner Farmers' Market. They were reviewing new vendor applications and the new vendors were there to explain what they will bring to the market. Well, several were brand new farms just getting started...some living in yurts and they will be bringing their vegetables to market. They have no product to show for their work yet...but they will and it will be wonderful.

I'm sure evertything will come together in the end. I am making contacts within the arts community in Maine. I went to the Center for Maine Craft yesterday and this morning I met with Artery: Visual Arts Along the Kennebec. I haven't begun lining up artists or buying any merchandise. I have no product to show for my work yet...but I will and it will be wonderful!


  1. Claire

    It all sounds very nice, do you have a vision for that space? A theme?

    I'm highly curious.....

  2. The vision has been evolving as we stripped the place down to a giant rectangle. It is tricky because I love the old building and the details but I also love very modern design so I am imagining a combination of the two. I'm hoping the juxtaposition will have the mix of fine art and items that "put the fun in functional" make sense.