Monday, March 22, 2010

Snail Mail

I received a note and an article cut out of the New York Times from my mom today. Her note was short, "Just another article I thought you might like to read!" She was right, I did like it. It was about a "Bloggy Boot Camp" for female bloggers. Huh? This is new to me so I find it fascinating that everyone out there seems to be blogging about something. Many of the woman at the boot camp were "mommy bloggers" and some where making their living blogging.

I'm interested in building a brand. I want people to see my logo and have an idea of what that might mean. I am beginning to build relationships with people whether in person, through blogging or on Facebook. But it will be the art and merchandise I offer and the service I provide that will create the connection with the brand. Blogging for me is a tool to keep people updated on progress and eventually let people know about art openings and new products...but I may drop a note in mail as well.

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