Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Move to Maine

So why Maine? I lived in Washington, D.C. for 20 years. I love D.C. but in Washington I would always be a renter. We couldn't afford to buy in a decent neighborhood. And what we could afford would have been tiny! When we started searching for the commercial property we could call home, it was the buildings in Maine that spoke to us. What were they saying? Two things, "I can be something if someone would just take care of me" and "I am reasonably priced." It was an excellent combination.

Now, we thought that we would buy the building and within six months have someone renting our second floor office space. Almost two years later and we have no one in the second floor and I still haven't opened a gallery. We do have a sprinkler system. I've removed drop ceilings, painted, etc... so now we are close. And we better be! Because and income preoperty with no income is just a money pit. We have some more money to spend before we can call the 1st floor space a gallery. Not sure where that money is coming from but my new mantra is "we will get there."

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