Friday, July 2, 2010

Anywhere, USA?

What are the chances of moving from a big city directly to a small community that feels like home? I'm guessing pretty slim. We picked the right place for sure. The businesses in downtown Gardiner support each other. We recommend each others shops to our customers. We keep an eye out for each other. Today I had several people come in who had been told to come by Monkitree (in one case specific things to look at). Lisa at Sweet Love/Baxter Tea Co. heard a customer in her shop talking about the years she lived in D.C. and directed her to me knowing I had lived in D.C. Not only did she come in but she became a customer and a consignor. Not bad for word on the street. (I now have some really cute cards with stitched and felt designs, by the way).

And it isn't just the businesses that support each other. Sweet Love has started an Open Mic night which I just love (although I haven't sung... yet). The evenings are easy going, respectful and most of all great fun. It is attracting a wide range of talent and is frequented by many high school students. Sweet Love/ Baxter Tea's decision to host and Open Mic Night has really created a wonderful thing here in Downtown Gardiner. A creative evening event for people of all ages to gather and enjoy an evening of music, laughter and encouragement. I brought some relatives last night, including my oldest sister. At one point she said to me, "Do most of these people work right here on Water Street?" I replied, "Why do you ask?" and she explained that since I knew so many of them that she assumed they were all people who worked or lived on Water Street, like I do. I'm happy that they weren't all Water Street workers or residents but a nice cross section of Gardiner and the surrounding communities...and I am happy I know all of them.

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