Friday, July 30, 2010

Discover Gardiner, Maine

When I have appointments here with artists about showing their work in Monkitree, they often make comments about how they had no idea we had such a cute downtown. People come by our downtown all the time but miss it by turning on Bridge Street or Maine Avenue. But right here in downtown Gardiner we have all sorts of treasures- Moda Bella (a high end dress shop), Sweet Love/Baxter Tea Co (cupcakes, tea and consignment wedding dresses), The Art Dogs/Circle in the Square Fine Art Press, The Mad Dog Pub, A1 Diner, The Depot, Mystic Maine Quilts and of course Reny's. We also have beautiful historic buildings and an amazing waterfront that is undergoing a renovation.

We also have great events throughout the year. The next one is Go Go Gardiner Car Show and Sock Hop the evening of August 7th. Water Street will be lined with antique cars, the dancers from R&B Dance studio will perform and there will be a DJ playing classic music. Next up is the Artwalk on August 13th- local artist will have their work in empty spaces and shop storefronts. So the next time you are in the vicinity of Gardiner, take the time to walk up and down Water Street...and don't forget to stop in and say hi!

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