Thursday, July 22, 2010

Join Us!

Every couple of months we will be holding an opening reception for a new show. Tomorrow July 23rd will be the opening for Plastic Fantastic: The Art of the Toy Camera. I am as excited about this show as I was about our grand opening show with Michael Sprouse. I hope I am this excited about every show (to tell you the truth I get excited when any package shows up containing jewelry, cards, etc. so I don't expect that to change). Carol Dronsfield and I had a nice visit when she came to drop off her photographs. We talked about all sorts of things in our brief visit- cost of living, freelance work, making big changes. Right now I am waiting on Kevin Brusie to drop off his work. Sounds like he needs to get on his way to Bangor but it looks like he will be able to attend the opening reception which is awesome. Then this afternoon, Dave Engledow will arrive with his work. At that point I need to work on labels, printed materials and eventually hanging the show. I am expecting a couple of fun and full days.

In the spirit of the show I purchased a single use red flash Lomolitos to take pictures with during the reception. I am also going to be giving away a Diana camera to one of our customers. It is the type of camera Dave Engledow used for all of his photographs for this show. There are a few people who stop in regularly to say how much they want to win the camera. I guess the camera give away is doing its job in building excitement for this show. I hope you all can join us or at least come by while the show is hanging. back to work!

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