Monday, April 19, 2010

Time Speeds Up

It seems, as we get closer to our opening day, that days are way too short. We will get everything done (at least all the essentials) but the days are going to fly by. Soon everything we do will start to make the space look more like a gallery. The pendant lights make a big impact. Oddly enough, I was looking at the website of a photographer, Carol Dronsfield, and among her photos was one of a space with painted tin ceiling and drop pendants much like the ones we just installed.


  1. Hey Claire. Its looking very good. Did you ahve to replace the tin ceiling? We looked very hard at having part of our ceiling like that but it would have to be imported form the US or Australia and the cost became hugley prohibitive. Could you send me a more detailed shot of yours? Pete has me e-mails i'm sure ...

  2. Our tin ceiling was there, fortunately. Just a lot of paint to get it looking like new. We will get you more pics. When are you coming to visit?

  3. The lamps blend in so nicely. They look like they have always been there. Good choice!