Sunday, April 4, 2010

Chickens and Jazz

When I walk into someones home, I like to take a good look around and see what people have chosen to keep around them. A few years ago Peter and I were invited to a party in Virginia. We walked into the living room and it was a "chicken room." There were chickens everywhere- lamps, art, knickknacks. I thought to myself, "This person really likes her chickens!" But then we walked into the family room and it was the jazz room- tables made from instruments, jazz knickknacks. Could it be that this person really liked chickens and jazz? When I looked up there was a painting that I recognized. It was obviously the work of Mark Cottman whose work often includes jazz greats. This one was Dizzy Gillespie. Thinking I found a conversation starter I said, "You have a Mark Cottman." Blank stare. Now I point to the painting saying, "Mark Cottman." Another blank stare. "Your painting is by the artist Mark Cottman. I recognized his work." The response, "Oh we got it at a design center." Then it dawned on me. She had no connection to any of the objects in her home- chickens or jazz.


  1. Hey Claire

    I always thought painting was the best job. All the other work is hidden behind cladding but painting transforms the space right away.

    I hope its going well. I spent the weekend with a one tonne digger and a brace of nail guns putting up skirting boards and trim.

  2. If only we were to the painting part...prep for painting is taking longer than expected. My mom came to town and I am grabbing a neighbor on Friday so we will have some real progress by the end of the weekend.
    Nail gun sounds like fun!

  3. Ahhh It looks like you guys are making amazing proress. The prep is the boring part .. the very boring part. The final coat is a joy as I'm sure you are aware. I just scored a half a dozen wodden windows from a disused glass house here .... ooohhhh so nice ...

    nail guns .... nail guns are fun but diggers are MORE fun.