Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why Shop Local?

The economic benefits of supporting your local businesses is undeniable. For every $100 spent in a local business $45 remains in the community, whereas for every $100 spent at a big national retailer only $14 stays in the community. Your local businesses advertise locally, use local repair people, bank locally, buy from local manufacturers/craftspeople/artists, support local charities, etc... These numbers while they vary a bit by region have been supported all over the country including a Midcoast Maine Study that also discovered that by supporting locally owned businesses rather than big box stores it would be the equivalent of adding 500 jobs to the community.

So here comes the plug...support Monkitree (especially this Christmas season). If you do, you are not only supporting a single local business... Monkitree represents artist/craftspeople from Gardiner, West Gardiner, Pittson, Litchfield, Augusta, Monmouth, and more. So what are you likely to find here? A range of products to be sure- jewelry, pottery, hand-carved wooden spoons,turned wood bowls, woven scarves and placemats, rolling pins, magnets, cards and fine art.

The next show is going to be a fun one. So come out to the Opening Reception and see all that Monkitree has to offer. Oh and if you are following my blog from elsewhere, I am happy to ship to you :)

Additional reading material on supporting local business from Time,Businessweek and the Wall Street Journal.

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