Thursday, September 2, 2010

Good Days

So what makes a day good? It was miserably hot here in Gardiner, Maine yesterday. All of my friends in the DC area won't believe me but it was much like DC weather complete with air quality warnings. There were virtually no customers and in fact the only people who stopped into the shop my dog Bo managed to scare away. But for me it was an exciting day. First I had Dennis Curtis stop by with his turned bowls and bottle stoppers and I was able to pick out nine beautiful turned bowls. Next Mary Kay Spencer stopped by with more pottery and she was able to enjoy the air conditioning for a while and we had a nice chat.

But in the background while all this was going on was a looming deadline. Were we going to make it? In addition to having the gallery I am President of Gardiner Main Street. We had an event idea and Kara Wilbur, the owner of Sweet Love and Secretary of Gardiner Main Street had done all the leg work but we needed to raise $7,000 to feel comfortable going before city council and asking for the event approval. That is a lot of money to raise in a recession and we didn't have much time to do it. I admit I had my doubts. Kara was running around all afternoon right up to the council meeting and managed to raise $6,550. Enough for us to feel comfortable that we could cover the upfront costs of the event. So we went into council and it was unanimously approved! The Mayor went to far as to say that Gardiner Main Street was managing to raise the bar at every turn. So save the date people- October 2nd Gardiner, Maine is going to be the place to be for the first annual Swine and Stein Octoberfest! Maine beers, Maine pork from Maine restaurants and producers, and live music. Beer, pork and music. Now that will be a good day!

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