Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Super Excited

This is a big weekend coming up in Gardiner, Maine. I am having my second opening reception in as many weeks and Gardiner Main Street is putting on Swine and Stein Octoberfest. The opening is on Friday evening for a Maine Woodturning Show to celebrate American Craft Week. I am getting very excited about this show which will offer a huge range of turned wood from five turners- Dennis Curtis, Kim Dailey, Michael Kagan, Lou Landry, and Al Mather. Lou dropped off his pieces today and they are gorgeous...of course I have been saying that everyday someone drops off work. I love turned wood whether it is a natural organic shape or a dyed blue segmented piece. I admire the skill and the artistic vision that brings them to form.

Saturday we will be open for Swine and Stein. The music will be in the park across the street, which at the very least, means people will come inside to use their cell phones (since they won't be able to hear outside). I found this to be true for the Hogs, Pies and Fireworks event....people came in so they could hear their phones and once inside they saw what we are doing here. I am hoping people will take the opportunity to wander town a bit (downtown is only two blocks long) and see what Gardiner has to offer. And more specifically what Monkitree has to offer- where else in town can you buy a beer ring and a handcrafted beer mug with the Swine and Stein logo? You guessed it. Just Monkitree!

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