Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Your Christmas Gift to Your Community

I found out today that Sportman's Bows, Arrows, Rods and Reels is closing. For months they have had a sign out front asking people to support local business. They didn't get the support they needed. These are difficult times for everyone. People are spending less. The costs of food and fuel are rising. People are feeling the strain. But there is something you can do to support your community- support your local independant stores. If you want to get a cup of coffee stop in to Sweet Love or A1 To Go instead of Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. If you want to eat out go to the
A1 Diner or the Mad Dog instead of the Olive Garden. If you need a gift come into Monkitree instead of Target of Pier 1. When you support your local businesses you support your community. Your money stays in your community.

When someone buys something from me the money I make goes right back to the community. I will hire McFarland Electric and Ladd Plumbing to work on our building. I will buy from Harvey's Hardware for the projects I can complete myself. I will buy products for the store from local businesses who in turn put their money back into the community. It is important that we understand that the choices we make have a huge impact on our neighbors and our communities. I think it is important that we stop driving all over chasing the bargain and think about what we have in our own communities.

I fear for what is still to come in this terrible economy if we don't take it upon ourselves to support our local businesses. Let's make this Holiday Season a joyous one for our communities and our neighbors by supporting the businesses in our hometowns.

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