Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who is Ready for Christmas?

Monkitree is well stocked with all sorts of fun gift items and great art. I love this time of year. There are the confident gift givers who know exactly what each person on their list will want. But there are also those who aren't confident in their gift giving and know they will need help. Some people are reluctant to ask for help, as if not knowing what their new daughter in-law would like is somehow a failing. I like helping these people. I start with simple questions like, "What color is her hair?" They know the answer to that one and they feel good! Then I start with options, "Would you describe her as contemporary or more traditional?" This is also good. Black and white. They can pick one. Again they feel good. And at the same time I am getting valuable information and am eliminating whole categories. Then we can get into suggesting items. Any hesitation and I move on, the key is finding a great gift not settling on something they are unsure about. Once we have found a great gift, we can move onto the co-worker or great-aunt or a more significant gift because once a reluctant shopper finds someone they can work with why go anywhere else?

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