Thursday, August 12, 2010

Slow Change

While we have a vision for what we are hoping to accomplish with our gallery/shop and building, we will be making slow and deliberate changes. I gave myself a deadline of this Friday evenings Artwalk to accomplish two things- a card rack and a display table. Sounds easy enough... if what we were doing was buying a card rack and a display table but instead we are building/creating them. We want to create a unique experience for people when they come into Monkitree- a mix of modern and traditional. Unique objects in a unique space. We painted a panel bright green and attached Lucite shelves to display cards. For the table we are using an antique bed frames that came from a hotel in Rumson, NJ where I grew up.

We are also bringing in new merchandise slowly but surely. The art work changes every two months but new craft, cards and jewelry will be added gradually as money and display space permits. There is sure to be something new and interesting to discover every time someone visit Monkitree.


  1. Nice card rack! I will come down to check it out sometime soon!

  2. I have already ordered more of the lucite shelves and it is becoming clear to me that with Henny Penny closing I could become a card destination in Gardiner :)