Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The next time you see a new post...

the gallery will be open. We open on Friday for the Artwalk then have our Opening Reception on Saturday evening. Michael arrived today and we have loaded the artwork into the space. We will start hanging the show tomorrow (after the electrician comes). As luck would have it, the special Gardiner supplement to the Kennebec Journal came out today and we were all over it. I was on the cover walking Bo down the street (it is hard to get a picture of the street without me and Bo). I was in an article entitled "City Abuzz with Activity" and another entitled "The arts are alive in Gardiner" where they talked about the gallery and the opening show. They used a photo of the poster Michael created of Edwin Arlington Robinson. I am expecting a great turnout for the opening. Now back to work.


  1. Good luck on Friday!!! I'll be thinking of you and sending good vibes!!!

  2. Claire

    All of us down here in the Antipodies wish you, Peter and Bo lots of luck wiht he opening. i'm confident it will be fantastic. We'll tip back a few glasses of sav blanc for you.

    Well done and please post a few photos!


  3. Good luck in your new adventure! Sounds very exciting.