Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bo, The Most Popular Dog in Town

I was a little worried about Bo and his ability to be a shop dog. He is famous in downtown Gardiner. Bo enjoys going from shop to shop getting attention (and sometimes treats). He loves people...perhaps a bit too much. I imagined this would be a long process of trial and error. I thought I'd have to leave him upstairs for part of the day and slowly introduce him to the role of shop dog. Well, he is a trooper. On the very first day I left the front door wide open to see what would happen...ready to grab him or at the very least call him back to me (like that ever works). He will walk up to the threshold but not over it. His favorite spot is a shady spot on the back deck. Whenever someone comes in I say, "This is Bo. He is a shop dog in training." I figure there response will tell me whether they like dogs or not plus, if they know he is new to the shop dog gig they may forgive whatever he may do. So far he has been perfect!

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