Monday, April 30, 2012

Stepping Stones

When we figured out that Peter was going to need to get back to the DC area for work, I made the decision to come down with him and work.It was a step we needed to make. An easy one and difficult one to take. Difficult because it meant leaving Gardiner- our friends, our new business and building. Easy because it meant Peter and I would be in the same place and we could earn the money we would need to do the renovations needed on our building and to grow our business.

We were able to keep Monkitree open while away. I would get back every few months to hang shows and attend the openings. But there is no substitute for being there and running your own business. So for me it is time to hit the reset button and I have big plans for this year. Great art, great new products. Big movement on renovations on the building. Sure that will mean living in a construction zone but it will be progress. And that is why we made the sacrifices we made this year- living in Burke, not spending money, spending too much time commuting.

As I write this I am sitting in Virginia, looking forward to stepping back into my life in Gardiner one week from today. Unfortunately, Peter will be returning to Virginia. His contract was extended for three more months.

Artwork credit: Stepping Stone by Ellen Spencer. Her work will be included in the next show- Natural Inclination. Opening May 18th.

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